All students living on campus must purchase a meal plan each semester in their housing application. If residents do not select a meal plan, Housing will automatically assign the 14 Plus meal plan.

*First-year residential students are required to select from the Govs' Choice, 14 Plus or 10 Plus. 

Commuters can purchase a meal plan on our website.

Residents may change a meal plan up to the fourteenth day of classes of each semester. Commuting students can purchase a plan at any time on our website.

Dining Dollars are funds in your account to spend dollar for dollar at campus dining locations. From Chick-fil-A to Sub Connection to the MUC Market, and everything in between! 

Dining Dollars can be purchased on our website.

Yes! All menu boards make it easy to identify the top 9 most common food allergies which are: fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, sesame, soy, eggs, and dairy. 

If you need additional support, you can email our Executive Chef Anthony Carter or our Dietitian Joe Chism

Meal swipes can be used in The Food Hall for all-you-can-eat dining. 

The meal exchange program gives diners a $7.15 discount at all retail dining locations on campus and the remainder balance can be paid with Dining Dollars, Govs Bucks, cash, credit or debit. The meal exchange program is offered at Peay-Ples Pizza, Grilled, The Terrace Market, Sub Connection, Elements, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Chick-fil-A, Govs Burger Shop, Tres Habaneros, and at The MUC Market.

Meal plans expire at the end of each semester. Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars can be carried over from fall to spring semester if you purchase a spring meal plan. 

All Plus plans meal swipes reset every Sunday at midnight and Block plans swipes expire at the end of the semester. 

*Govs' Choice meal plan holders can enjoy unlimited meal swipes in The Food Hall all semester

Flex Dollars roll over for meal plan holders from fall semester to spring semester. If you discontinue being a meal plan holder, Flex Dollars will not roll over. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring semester.

Govs Bucks can be deposited at the CTC (Cash to Card) machine located in the Woodward Library. Deposits may be made as often as needed, CTC will accept $1, $5, $10, or $20s. Deposited funds are available for immediate use. Govs Bucks will remain active as long as you are a current APSU Student. 

Flex Dollars come with the purchase of a meal plan and Dining Dollars can be purchased separately. Both Flex Dollars and Dining Dollars are used dollar for dollar at dining locations on campus. 

Remember that when purchasing items at any of the food locations, your meal plan and Flex Dollars will be used first. If you do not have a meal plan or Dining Dollars, funds will be deducted from Govs Bucks. Purchases from vending, bookstore and other non-meal locations can be paid with Govs Bucks only. 

You can use Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, and Gov Bucks at all dining facilities and coffee shops on campus. 

You can ONLY use Govs Bucks at vending/copy machines and the Austin Peay Bookstore.